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A Worthy Choice: All-in-one Lithium Battery Storage Solar System

Nov 16,2021 | Power Station Battery

QH Tech All-in-one Lithium Battery Storage Solar System

Household energy storage batteries have been on the market for many years and left many varieties and sizes to choose from. Due to the rapid development of lithium technology, modern lithium battery systems quickly replace traditional lead-acid batteries, because manufacturers have developed intelligent and modular systems to adapt to different energy storage applications. A large number of battery choices is a good thing for consumers, but it makes it more difficult to choose the battery that is most suitable for particular needs at home or business.

All-in-one Lithium Battery Storage Solar System is the latest type of lithium battery storage solar system which is composed of three parts: lithium battery pack, inverter, and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking). A solar panel is all that is needed and the whole storage system can be put into use immediately. Equipped with BMS (battery management system) and designed by professional engineers, an all-in-one battery storage solar system is as efficient and reliable as any other product in the market. It is generally used as a kind of home storage system. We mainly provide an all-in-one lithium battery storage solar system of 3.5KW and 5.5KW. The former is always available for three household air conditioners to work at the same time.


All-in-one Lithium Battery Storage Solar System


Why is All-in-one Lithium Battery Storage Solar System worthy of our choice

All-in-one Lithium Battery Storage Solar System features energy-saving, space-saving, and outstanding cost efficiency. Not to mention high safety, long cycle service life, and the broad range of output power ratings. Nevertheless, intelligent monitoring is provided, which is extremely fit in the 21st century.


home energy storage system


Energy-saving: All-in-one Lithium Battery Storage Solar System uses a high-efficiency MPPT control unit to convert more solar energy into electricity, which is environmentally friendly and harmless.


Space-saving: The whole system is highly integrated as a home storage system. There is no need to struggle about where other battery accessories should be installed. All-in-one Lithium Battery Storage Solar System highly improves space utilization and is characterized by stronger environmental adaptability.


Outstanding cost-efficiencyAll-in-one Lithium Battery Storage Solar System is easy to install. As long as equipped with solar panels, it can come into service at once, saving your time cost. You can choose on-grid or off-grid, which can either build your system or accept power grid dispatching and sell the extra electricity.


All-in-one Lithium Battery Storage Solar System


High safety: LiFePO4 batteries have known for their electrochemical performance. The battery structure is stable during the charge and discharge process therefore All-in-one Lithium Battery Storage Solar System is unlikely to burn or explode, presenting a high level of safety.


Long cycle life: More than 4000 times, effectively reducing maintenance and operating costs.


Intelligent operation: All-in-one Lithium Battery Storage Solar System can be connected to Bluetooth for intelligent operation. Remote intelligent monitoring is supported. Moreover, we can realize intelligent system upgrades and automatic control on All-in-one Lithium Battery Storage Solar systems.


Noted: If the instantaneous voltage is bigger than the maximum approved voltage, a larger specification is recommended to avoid shortening battery life or inverter damage.