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Portable Power Station:Digital Nomads Mobile Work helpers

Nov 30,2021 | Power Station Battery

500W portable power station for mobile work


“Digital nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and conduct their life in a nomadic manner.” They work remotely from different places or countries by using laptops and smartphones. Digital Nomads have not only time freedom but also location freedom.


Digital Nomad (Image: Getty Images)

Digital Nomad (Image: Getty Images)


Location Freedom

Have you ever worked while lying on the beach, enjoying the sunlight, watching the ocean, with a cold beer at hand? There are freelancers who travel around while working, and this is their lifestyle. Digital nomads are a new type of group and it is estimated that there will be one billion digital nomads roaming the world by 2035. On May 14, 2020, Twitter announced that it will allow its employees to work from home permanently, which means more and more people will live this lifestyle in the future. Digital nomads’ lifestyle gives people location freedom. We can work in a café, a cottage, a campsite or even in the hills. All we need is a laptop and a smartphone. However, if we want to take an adventure far from the city and work off-grid at the same time, electricity becomes the primary concern.


Digital Nomad mobile work

A Digital Nomad Lifestyle (Image: Images WorthvieW)


Portable Power Station

A portable power station will solve our problems. With a built-in solar panel, a portable power station can charge our laptop even in the middle of the jungle. The compact size and lightweight can also lighten the load for our journey. Heavy luggage and limited space are the biggest problems on the road while portable power stations of small size and lightweight save more room for us. We can even use the cigarette lighter in our car to recharge the portable power station if it is out of power. Generally speaking, a 500-watt portable power station provides power for up to 7 days which is capable to help accommodate this lifestyle. If we are going to be living in a cottage for an extended period of time, we don't have to worry about running out of electric power. The large capacity of portable power station offers us abundant energy where ever we are. The LED lights on the portable power station can also help us keep the darkness away. Meanwhile, equipped with various ports, a portable power station is able to meet the demand of different devices.


portable power station battery for mobile work

Digital Nomad Gear (Image: YouTube Mike Nardi)


With the rise of the digital nomad lifestyle, the word "portable" is becoming more and more important. In the Internet age, mobile phones and laptops can help us do more and more things, such as online payments, online shopping, and remote work. Therefore, we have to ensure that our devices are fully charged at all times while minimizing the burden. A portable power station would be the answer, don't you think?


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