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Travel Your Life

There are more and more people planning to buy their own RVs. Maybe you have the same idea too. Whether you already own an RV or not, some suggestions for choosing the power supply for your RV are following.


Solar energy system is widely used. It can provide clean, cheap, and safe energy for families and businesses by installing solar panels or solar roofs. Whether it’s from a perspective of environmental protection or simply because you want to save money on your power bills, going solar is reasonable.

Ship electrification

More Economical Navigation

Due to the complex and changeable marine environment, the load is constantly changing. When the load deviates from the optimal load point, the fuel will not burn completely. The utilization rate of fuel will be greatly reduced, resulting in a large number of nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides, resulting in environmental pollution. The electrification of marine equipment not only solves the pollution problem, but also has high economic benefits. Ship electrification is the general trend both from the economic and from the environmental point of view.

Long Life And Low Maintenance

Golf carts powered by lithium batteries have appeared in recent years. The emergence of new things will always attract people's attention, and some people express their doubts and worries to varying degrees because they don't know much about lithium batteries. Click to learn more to ease your concerns.

Abundant Energy Where Ever You Are

A growing number of people have thought camping is a safe, socially distant and more affordable way to vacation after the pandemic hit the globe in 2020. The number of campers grew rapidly since long-distance air travel is restricted. Before starting your outdoor trip, learn something about outdoor electricity.

More reliable and portable medical facility

Nowadays, medical device manufacturers pay more and more attention to product mobility. In addition to portability, medical device manufacturers also hope to produce devices with high reliability. It's annoying that the mobile phone breaks down, but if the portable heart monitor or infusion pump stops working due to battery exhaustion, the end-users and patients will face much more serious problems. Click for more details.

What about QH Lithium?

Our LFP batteries which can be used in scenarios including RV travel, solar energy storage systems, ocean travel, golf carts, electric equipment, and more, have a long cycle of life and safety assurance. We provide factory-price products to ensure super cost-effective.