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Change Your Outdoor Life

Outdoor camping has become the choice for many families, friends, and companies, but the biggest problem with outdoor camping is electricity. Portable lithium battery UPS is specially designed for outdoor emergencies, so that outdoor power consumption is no longer difficult.

High Capacity & High Output Voltage

A portable energy storage power supply can solve the problem of power consumption when it is separated from the environment of municipal power supply. Especially in outdoor camping, it can bring excellent performance. Portable UPS energy storage power supply is a safe and multifunctional outdoor power supply. It can solve various power problems outdoors. For example, you can use electric mosquito repellent incense at night, so you don't have to be afraid of being bitten by mosquitoes when you sleep.


Not Just For Camping

In addition to camping, for the large capacity and convenient carrying, UPS is widely and rapidly used including emergency disaster relief, environmental protection, outdoor lighting, outdoor emergency communication, power maintenance and other fields.

Advantages of Portable USP with LiFePO4

USP uses high-performance lithium iron phosphate batteries as energy storage backup, which is small, light, and easy to carry. In addition, the portable UPS power supply has a variety of interfaces such as AC, DC, and USB, which can meet the charging needs of different electronic devices and charge multiple electronic devices at the same time. Outdoor 220V portable UPS mobile power supply can not only support USB device charging, but also can be used for AC equipment, which means that some electric equipment that could not be taken out of the door in the past can also be used outside.

Choose LiFePO4 Battery UPS For Your Camping

The lithium iron phosphate battery developed by us is safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly. The battery pack has independent overvoltage, overtemperature, overload, overcharge, discharge, and short circuit protection, as well as anti-falling, shockproof and waterproof design. Compared with lead-acid batteries, it has longer service life and less maintenance cost. You can choose appropriate UPS with lithium iron phosphate batteries according to your needs. For more information, please contact us.


Not Just For Camping