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The home energy storage system is similar to a micro-energy storage power station, and its operation is not affected by the pressure of the power supply. In addition to being used as an emergency power supply, the household energy storage system can also save household power expenditure because it can balance the power load. Although the current market demand for household energy storage systems is more out of the people's need for emergency backup power supply, in the view of people in the industry, the use of household energy storage systems can combine new energy power generation systems such as solar energy, promote the industry of new energy and build a smart grid.

Supply Power For You At Any Time

W Series can be charged by sunshine. It stores solar energy for household use. Especially in the case of power failure, it greatly reduces the dependence on the power grid and improves the ability to deal with power failure accidents. At low power consumption, the battery pack in the household energy storage system can be charged by itself for use in case of standby power peak or power failure.

Get Electricity Everywhere

W Series has a wide range of applications, including ordinary household solar energy storage, small business district, office uninterrupted power supply field, energy shortage area, natural disaster-prone area, power instability, or an isolated island off-grid area. It can truly achieve energy self-sufficiency and solve the energy problem in areas with electricity difficulties.

Provide You With Safe Energy

W series adopts lithium iron phosphate battery, which has the characteristics of long service life, small volume, lightweight, environmental protection, and high safety. It has perfect protection functions under low voltage, high voltage, high temperature, short circuit, overload protection, and other environments.

Cut Your Electricity Bill
You can reduce the amount of power you need to buy from the retailer by connecting to a solar system, which is the main benefit of installing solar power. The amount of electricity usually can be reduced by up to 50% or up to 100% with solar lithium batteries. Besides, ‘Tariff arbitrage’–storing energy from the grid when it is cheap for use at a later point in time when it is expensive. But this can only be done if you are on a Time of Use electricity tariff, and only with some solar/battery storage system set-ups which allow you to charge your batteries using the grid.